(P)haryngeal (T)raining (A)ppliance (PTA) - Natural
What is the PTA?
The Pharyngeal Training Appliance (aka. The “PTA”) is a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of snoring and sleep disordered breathing. The PTA works by targeting one of the key factors affecting upper airway collapse- inadequate muscle tone in the upper airway (pharynx).

How it can help?
Snoring and sleep apnea are caused by collapse of upper airway soft tissues while we sleep. As humans, we have a very specialized upper airway that is suspended by muscles and lacks rigid support. A design that allows us to make the wide range of sounds necessary for speech and this gift sets us apart from all other mammals. However, a natural consequence of sleep is relaxation of the body’s muscle systems, which includes the muscle of the airway (pharynx).
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